Before & After Thread Lift in Actual Patient

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Does your face need a little lift, but you’re not in the mood for surgery?  We may be able to help!  Along with Botox and fillers, thread lifting can help keep you looking your freshest.

During a thread lift, specially designed sutures dissolvable sutures, similar in composition to those used during surgery are strategically placed to give lift sagging structures and subsequently give support.  As a result, it is frequently possible to achieve excellent lift without going under the knife.  Furthermore, it is done for a fraction of the cost of surgery, typically takes less than an hour in the office and causes minimal to no downtime.

The sutures material is removed over time by your body, typically over the course of three to six months.  However, since the sutures stimulate collagen production within your body, positive results can remain far longer than the sutures themselves.

Areas such as the cheeks and mid-face, neck and brows can be lifted by this means.  Additionally, using these techniques, the jowls and under chin fat can also frequently be addressed by this procedure.

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